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WA Writing Sector Survey

WritingWA, the peak body for writing and associated activities in WA, is encouraging everyone involved in the writing community to provide feedback to the Western Australian government on proposed changes to current funding and service arrangements.

As the WritingWA website states, 'Western Australia's writing and publishing sector has nurtured many nationally and internationally acclaimed writers and illustrators, and produced hundreds of books that have been honoured with countless awards and nominations.' Writing and publishing makes an important contribution to our communities, culture and the economy.

WritingWA makes a significant contribution to the writing community. As an independent body,WritingWA is able to promote and support the work of writers and stakeholders, including the WA government. 

Voicebox invites you to:

  1. Visit the WritingWA website at for information about the #writingmatters campaign, a petition to sign and a sample letter to send your MP. 

  2. Complete the WA government's survey about the WA Writing Sector at  *The survey is open until 5 December.

  3. Share your views about writing in WA on social media by using @writingwa and #writingmatters

  4. Celebrate writing - and reading - in your life. Just generally, because #writingmatters

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